Brian Diel


Description:God has allowed us to know that we are saved, and that makes life better.


Brian Diel


Description:God has called us to glorify him, and when we do our life is better.


Brian Diel


Description:Jesus is greater than anyone or anything. Therefore, he can make your life better.


Brian Diel


Description:We spend quite a bit of time worrying about things in this life, "What shall we eat? What shall we drink? What shall we wear?", and these are basic needs. But Jesus prosposed a different way to approach our basic needs that will make your life better. "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."


Brian Diel


Description:What does freedom mean to you? It means different things to different people. If you are unconvinced about being a follower of Jesus, you probably don't think of freedom when you see a Christian. But what about you who are followers of Jesus? Does your faith feel like freedom? Regardless, that's exactly what Jesus said he would give us.

Get Going - The Why

Brian Diel


Description:Before Jesus left his disciples, he commissioned them to go and make disciples, baptize them, and teach them to obey all that he had commanded them. Believers are also given this commission, to share the Gospel with those we know so that they might know the love of Jesus too. But why?

Become Great!

Brian Diel


Description:Jesus said, "...whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant...". What made Jesus great was not earthly greatness, but kingdom greatness. Kingdom greatness calls us to serve too.

Get Sharpened!

Brian Diel


Description:Next Steps is about the ongoing process of becoming who God has always intended for each of us to become. There's alsways a next step to growing our spiritual lives. All of us start out with some rough edges that need to be filed off so that we can be used effectively. That happens when we develop relationships with others who are farther along on the spiritual journey. That's why we believe That LIFEGroups are the place we can get sharpened for use in service to Jesus.NOTE: Last Sunday, July 23, we had to cancel church due to severe storms knocking out our electricity.

Stay Put!

Brian Diel


Description:Jesus said, "I will build my church..." (Mt. 16:18) and he is still building it today. We must get ready to reach people who need to know Jesus, so we are going to focus on our next steps we must take in order to be ready. The first step is to stay put in Jesus (John 15).

God Shows Up

Brian Diel


Description:When God shows up, it's important to celebrate it!


Brian Diel


Description:What will you do with all that God's entrusted to you?


Brian Diel


Description:When you are faced with a choice, you have to make a decision.


Brian Diel


Description:You can get out of financial problems at anytime you want, you just have to make a choice.


Brian Diel


Description:When we go into debt, it affects every area of our lives and it keeps us in bondage. And when we are in bondage to debt, we can't be the generous people God has called us to be. It's time to decide to become debt free.


Brian Diel


Description:The first step to financial freedom is the change your attitude towards money. The original sermon recording did not work, so this sermon was recorded afterwards. That's why no one laughed at the Stumpy & Martha story! The capuchin monkey experiment can be watched

Own Your Church

Brian Diel


Description:Have you ever been to a place (restaurant, hotel, etc.) that made you feel welcome, like they were actually glad you were there? You could tell there was something different about the way you were treated and it made you want to go back. Of all the organizations in our world, the church should be like this. We have the best product/message, the best leader, the best reason to be happy and inviting, wanting everyone we come in contact with to be a part of it. That's why owning your church is so important. When you take on the ownership mentality, one that commits to making your church the best it can be for the glory of God, it speaks.

Own Your Discipleship

Brian Diel


Description:Jesus came to the earth to become the sacrifice who would take away our sins. But he had another assignment given to him by God. It was to make & train disciples who would also make disciples. That is what we are saved to do and that is our life. Now it's time to own it!

Own Your Heart

Brian Diel


Description:It's so important that you own your heart because if you don't, someone or something else will.

Own Your Faith

Brian Diel


Description:To "own" something means to make it your own. When you become a Christian, that is the beginning point of your faith. But that is only the beginning. It's important to do all you can to grow your faith. Owning your faith is the foundation for the rest of your Christian life. God asks us to own our faith so that we can become all that he wants us to be.

Explaining The Good News of Christ

Chris Joseph


Description:We talk about the privilege we have to share the good news of Jesus with others.

Embracing The Truth Of Christ

Brian Diel


Description:According to the faith formula: BELIEVE + RECEIVE = BECOME, there's more than just believing in Christ. You must receive him before you can become all that Jesus wants for you. You must embrace the truith of Christ, but what does it mean to embrace the truth?

Exploring The Evidence For Christ

Brian Diel


Description:Is there any real evidence that Jesus lived, died on the cross, and was risen? Skeptics know that if they can prove the resurrection false, then Jesus is a false Messiah and Christianity is a false religion. We dig into the evidence to find the truth about the resurrection.

Investigating The Case For Christ

Brian Diel


Description:When you are searching for the truth about Jesus, it's important to understand there may be times you face a sticking point that threatens to stop your progress. We talk about 4 common sticking points and how to break through them in your quest for the truth.

He Does More

Brian Diel


Description:In the book of Judges, the Israelites experienced degeneration of their character, even from their Judges, as time went on. But as the time of the Kings happened, God began to hint at a new day when he would do more than just punish evil. He would overcome it, and then even more when we live life with God.

Relapse Is Never Necessary, And It's Not Uncommon

Chris Joseph


Description:The story of Israel in the book of Judges is one of living life with God to relapsing and living without God. And if we're honest with ourselves, we live this way too.

An Innocent Beginning

Brian Diel


Description:How did the Israelites go from being "with" God and carrying out his will, to being without him and getting to the shocking story we discussed last week?

A Shocking Story

Brian Diel


Description:The book of Judges ends with a shocking story about the Israelites and what can happen to us when we decide to leave God out of our lives. God gives us the choice and he is trying to show us in his Word what life is like; with me... without me.

We Forgive Without Limit

Brian Diel


Description:Because God has offered forgiveness to all people through Jesus' death on the cross, believers are expected to extend forgiveness to others who wrong them. This should be evident in our church for all to see and experience. As the church, this is what we do.

We Love Without Condition

Brian Diel


Description:The world is looking for a place they can come and feel like they are genuinely loved and cared for. Jesus showed us how when he gave his followers a command to love one another just like he loves them.

We Welcome Without Judgment

Brian Diel


Description:The church is to be a place where all people are welcome to come and learn about Jesus. This is what we do. Jesus shows us how in the story of the sinful woman who shows up at the Pharisee's house to see Jesus.

Aiming For Heaven Q&A

Chris Joseph & Brian Diel


Description:Chris and Brian answer your questions about heaven.

In The Meantime...

Brian Diel


Description:We've learned that heaven is going to be an amazing place when we get there. So what are we to do in the meantime? Jesus has asked us carry on his mission while we are waiting.

Hell: Why Should I Care?

Brian Diel


Description:Heaven is going to be an amazing place to spend eternity. But sadly, many will spend it in a much different place called hell. Just as it's important to have an accurate view of heaven, it's also important to have an accurate view of hell. We'll look at why everyone should care about hell.

Relationships: Then & Now

Brian Diel


Description:When you break down life and what we value most, relationships are at the top. We look at what relationships will be like in heaven and why our relationships here and now are so important.

Life in H.D.

Brian Diel


Description:Heaven is our prize. It's what the apostle Paul was pressing on towards in Philippians 3:14. But for some reason, we just don't focus on heaven like it's what we are living for. God's Word talks a lot about heaven and it gives us a good picture of what's to come. But when you hear the stories of people who've had a near-death experience and place them alongside scripture, suddenly you see Life in H.D. (heaven def).

Longing For Home?

Brian Diel


Description:We start our new series, Aiming For Heaven. We'll seek to add color and depth to what heaven is like from scripture by looking at stories of people who have had near-death experiences and lived to tell about it. We'll use "Imagine Heaven" by John Burke as background material. We look at how we all long for home, but which home are you longing for?

Good News of Great Joy!

Brian Diel


Description:Everything about the coming of our Savior points to the fact that God cares about all people, even those who are lowly and humble. But there's even better news, good news that causes great joy.

The Problem Of A Scandalous Birth

Brian Diel


Description:The conception and birth of Jesus was certainly unique. It caused Mary to question how it would happen, since she was as virgin. But it caused Joseph to doubt Mary's faithfulness to him and forced him to agonize over what to do about it. In the midst of this scandal, Joseph's character is displayed and so is God's.

Believing The Unbelievable

Brian Diel


Description:We begin our Christmas series by looking into two signs that were unbelievable and see how they were handled, what the results of each one was, and how they apply to us.

The Tweener Life

Brian Diel


Description:Are you living in between? Are you settling for "fine"? Jesus wants us live for more than ourselves and he uses his message to the church of Laodicea to speak to all of us about not living the tweener life.

True Thanksgiving

Brian Diel


Description:Thanksgiving is important. Paul says in Romans 1:21 that one of man's fundamental sin problems is that, "they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him. So we look at true thanksgiving, where it comes from and what it accomplishes through us.

Called To Be Sent

Brian Diel


Description:The 5th calling you have from God is that you are called to be sent. God is gathering his family who will live with him forever and you are sent to bring others into his family.

Called To Bless

Brian Diel


Description:Do you want to be blessed? Then it's time for you to start serving others. That's right! You will be truly blessed when you live out your calling to bless others by serving them and honoring God.

Called To Become

Brian Diel


Description:From the moment you accept Jesus as your Lord & Savior, you are called to become more like Jesus. Today, we look at steps you can take to help you fulfill that calling in your life.

Called To Belong

Brian Diel


Description:You are called to belong to God's church. The Bible gives us 5 metaphors describing the church, which help us understand the benefits of being connected to his church.

Called To Be Loved

Brian Diel


Description:Our first purpose in life is not to do something, it's to receive something. That something is the love of God. And our first calling is to enjoy a relationship with Him.

The Call Is For You

Brian Diel


Description:We begin our new series, Live Your Calling, by talking about 8 things I need to know about my calling in life. God is calling, but will you take the call?

Doing Life For Others

Brian Diel


Description:Paul gives instructions to Titus on how to build a healthy church by encouraging Christians to be good for the purpose of drawing non-believers to Jesus Christ.

Doing Life Together

Brian Diel


Description:Paul gives some interesting instructions to Titus about creating a healthy church. It's all about doing what is good. In Titus 2, he explains what it means to do good as the church does life together.

Send Me

Brian Diel


Description:This prayer is not about asking God to do something for me, it's about asking God what can I do for you. God is calling, how will you answer?