We want all kids to discover who Jesus is, learn to follow Him, and share His love with others. So, we partner with parents, who are the spiritual leaders of their kids, to help make this a reality. If that sounds overwhelming do not worry, we are here to help!


We know that raising kids and leading them spiritually is a big job, so we want to come alongside you with support and resources to help you feel more confident in this role God has given you. 


We cannot wait to meet your family this Sunday. If you want to save some time checking in, you can pre-register your kids below.  


Are you visiting us for the first time? No fear! Our friendly volunteers will show you where our NGKids Check-In is when you arrive.


You will be introduced to our NGKids coordinators Mary Schneider and Melissa Diel during your visit. You will also meet other volunteers, take a tour, learn more about what we teach, and ask any questions you may have.


It is important for parents and kids to feel comfortable, so let us know what we can do to help!


Volunteers at NGKids are trained to create an atmosphere where families can confidently leave their children while they are in service. Our volunteers are also screened regularly with background checks. All of our entryways and exits are monitored by our security team and security cameras as well. Don't worry parents - we've got this!


NGKids aims to partner with parents to help kids understand who Jesus is, how to build a relationship with Him, and how He can make a difference in their lives. 


With our passionate volunteers and Orange Curriculum, we give kids a Christ-centered environment created just for them. Every month there is a new theme that keeps kids engaged and brings the stories and lessons from the Bible to life.


What is the ultimate goal for NGKids?
What does a typical service look like?


We're raising up the next generation of world changers to love God and make disciples!